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Software Development for Science

We cannot make the world a better place, but we do our best to help those who can.


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A successful SaaS business requires highly scalable service infrastructure, safe and GDPR compliant data management, secure and well documented API, zero-downtime rapid deployment, and seamless integration with a broad spectrum of third-party services. Run your business with software that aligns with your goals, grows with you, and is designed to support your business identity.

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Simmaren has strong roots in life science informatics, including cheminformatics, laboratory data management, computer assisted drug discovery, machine learning, and prediction engines. Our special research and development team collaborates on solving difficult problems of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, analytical, foodtech, agritech, and environmental industries.

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Digital transformation is producing unimaginable volumes of hard to manage new types of data. Move your data engineering practices to the next level by creating systems that allows you to collect, convert, clean, securely and safely store, analyze, and visualize data at scale from various sources and in various formats, including raw files, different types of databases, APIs, or sensors. 

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Do not let competition take your market. Transform your legacy systems while you maintain operation. We work with you to assess, design, and implement a new generation of your software systems or products which will wow your audience. We help with the transition of technology, skills, and sustainable software development practices.

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Automation is a smart and efficient approach to substantially increase efficiency, productivity, and reliability of your business. Reduce operational cost, free up resources, eliminate errors, and speed up operations by automating your business processes. Take advantage of automation to get ahead of your competition.

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Grow and improve your business with integrations. Information can flow in real-time and can be kept consistent by connecting disparate systems and applications. Synchronize data across multiple applications when implementing open source or third party APIs and integrate these with your existing software infrastructure.

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A Partner

We partner with you to create a software environment that improves your business operation, reduces the load on your teams and allows them to focus on what they do best.

Grow your business through better information flow, more efficient service delivery, and improved customer satisfaction.

For Science

​Simmaren is built on a background in life science and professional software development for R&D and analytical laboratories of startups, CROs, and global Fortune 500 companies throughout Europe, US, Japan.

A to Z

​Our services encompass the full cycle of software development from design and implementation, to operation and maintenance. We bring you the technical expertise, transparency, and work ethics of a New Zealand company.


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